Ralph The Dog Waits Under The Gate For His Best Friend To Walk By

Stop whatever you’re doing and dedicate your time and attention to Ralph, a very good boy.


Despite being stuck behind a gate most of the day, Ralph has managed to form a friendship with 17-year-old Elisa Lee, a senior in high school.

Ralph’s house is near Elisa’s school, and every single day, he peeks out from underneath his gate and waits to Elisa to come by and give him some love.


“The first time I noticed him was when I was getting a ride home from my friend Jason,” Elisa told Metro. “He peeked underneath the fence, and me being a dog lover wanted to pet him.”

From that day onwards, a true friendship was formed.


Every day, Ralph will peer out and patiently wait for Elisa to visit. Every day, Elisa will walk over, tell him hello, and pet his face.

He also gets a little sad when Elisa has to go home.

“When I tell him I’ve got to go or bye, he looks at me and paws of nibbles on my hand,’ Elisa said. “Sometimes he gently holds on to my finger with his mouth. Maybe that’s a sign he wants me to stay. I don’t know.”


Elisa shared pictures of Ralph on Twitter, where they racked up more than 14,000 retweets. But she hasn’t told him that he’s internet famous yet.

“I think that it’s quite astonishing that many people love Ralph as much as I do,” she added. “I’m happy that everyone can appreciate Ralph.”