Handmade Wooden Shingle

How Are Handmade Wood Shingles Made?

Production of wooden shingles cleft is traditional, so-called splitting of larch wood (Larch, or spruce), harvested mainly in winter. Collecting wood with dense annual rings. Shingles is then treated with a cutting, offset and allowed to slowly dry. After drying, it folds into packages. It produces the shingles in length 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm.

Hand-split wood wooden shingle

Specifications chopped larch Sinde:

The material of the original natural covering, made of a preselected larch wood, treated by manual techniques. The physical properties of red spruce and natural content of bituminous materials allow the shingle life of up to 80 years without any impregnation or subsequent coat. If you use a spruce as a material, it is necessary to impregnate it, or you can use linseed oil as a protection.

Alpine shingle is a material that was used mainly for historical buildings, churches, chapels and other important buildings. Currently it starts apply to private buildings. Coverage technology allows the production of straight and curved surfaces, including corner, cavity and other roof elements.

How to Manually production of wooden shingles?

Photos Step by Step:

First, the tree is cut to the desired length of the wood shelf.

dimensions of wooden shingle   wood shingle cutting, husqvarna 356xp motor saw

Followed by cleavage of a log into smaller pieces.

Kalani wood - preparation for wood shingles

Then it is a series of splitting for particular shingles.

Štiepenie alpského šindľa

A special ax is also used for splitting the shingle (I do not know, the name), and you can comment on it, thank you.

Axis for splitting wood shingles

There are only shave shingle to be as straight as possible and have straight edges. Notch gives a nice insight of shingles and beautify the appearance of your dwelling.

  Adjusting the wood shingles to the desired thicknessAligning the edge of a wooden alpine shingle

Folding into a package.

časť balíka alpského šindľa

You can also see the whole process in a short video.