Couple Takes Proposal Photo Ever In Front Of The Northern Lights


Dale Sharp, 34, and Karlie Russell, 29, took what is surely one of the most breathtaking proposal photos of all time inside the heart of the Arctic Circle with the Northern Lights.


It was the perfect proposal for the couple who first bonded over their love for taking photography.

“We both love chasing the Northern Lights and photographing them together,” Dale said. “So it seemed pretty fitting.”


On a two-month work trip through Iceland, Norway and Finland, Dale tricked Karlie into thinking they were just going to take a selfie before setting up the incredible shot.

“I was actually saying to Dale, ‘Why are you taking this selfie? It’s so good we need to go somewhere else,’ ” Karlie told Daily Mail Australia. “I was not expecting it at all at that point in time.”


Photos: DK Photography


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