Cop Herds Lost Goats into His Police Car

These farm critters must have looked mighty suspicious if they got picked up by the cops.

Sergeant Fitzpatrick of the Belfast Police Department in Maine was having a hayday with two rogue goats who he found wandering around town on Sunday.


“Got goats? We do, and they do not belong to us,” said a representative on the police department Facebook. “We had these two little ‘kids’ turn up on High Street near the parking lot for the rail trail. They are currently riding around with Sgt. Fitzpatrick, serenading him in goat music. Though he is thankful for the company on this cool Sunday morning, he would gladly return them to their owners. He is running out of vegetables to feed them.”

The kids’ rightful owner eventually saw the post and identified the passengers as Louis and Mowgli.

It may have been just another day on the town for the two pygmy goats, but it’s an afternoon that Fitzpatrick won’t soon forget.

“The goats have been returned home. Louis and Mowgli enjoyed their day trip with Sgt. Fitzpatrick but alas, all good things come to an end. Perhaps in the next budget year we can inquire as to getting some patrol goats.”

(Photos by the Belfast Police Department)